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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are located in the Greater Portland area in Oregon, which is also a sales-tax-free state

How does being a sales-tax-free state impact me?

Most retailers will not charge you sales tax on your purchases if you ship to a sales-tax-free state.  This means if you normally pay 5-8% sales tax on your purchases, you’ll SAVE that money.  In many cases, that savings will pay for your prep fees – so it’s a win-win.  You don’t touch products and send them in to Amazon and you don’t pay sales tax!

What are your prices?

You can see a complete list of prices and services at this link:

Do you prep used books?

No, I’m sorry we do not handle books at this time.

What is your turn around time?

Processing times vary but our goal is to process your products as quickly as possible. Typically, it is 48-72 hours. Processing times may take longer during peak times, like before Prime Day and in Q4. For most sellers, they prefer weekly shipments and we assign them a day of the week.  This gives them time to have enough stock for us to send in.  For larger sellers (over 1,000  units a month), we prep them at least twice a week.  For extreme large sellers, we prep them daily or every other day.  

Do I have to have an InventoryLab account?

No!  We have our own Preplandia Warehouse Management system that is free to use.  However, we still can work with sellers that use Inventory Lab.  

What are your terms of service?

You can see our complete terms of service for FBA Prep Services at this link: